Sportstube Hard Travel Case

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Blow molded from high density polyethylene, this lightweight and durable travel case from SporTube will safely transport your valuable equipment from bumps and scratches while going through airline check-ins or shipping. A hard plastic shell offers superior protection over a soft bag and creates a shield around the equipment, protecting its contents much better than a nylon bag. The hard shell plastic doesn't tear and is resilient to dings and bangs. There are no buckles, zips or permanently attached straps to get ripped, torn, or broken.

All Sportube cases are fitted with heavy duty rubber wheels for an easy journey from the car to check-in or from the car to the hotel or cabin. The easy pull-attachment point and the easy pull handle make toting your equipment around a breeze. Sportube case are supplied with a non-locking, TSA-compliant wire case pin, and they can be locked for overseas travel or when shipping to the resort. Sportubes can easily be strapped to any roof rack, protecting your equipment from road salt, dirt, and grime.


Series 1

  • Length - Adjustable from 48" to 83" (122cm to 212cm) *These are internal dimensions
  • Width - 6 5/8"  *These are internal dimensions
  • Depth - 5 1/2"  *These are internal dimensions
  • Weight - 8lbs

Series 2

  • Length - Adjustable from 48" to 83" - *These are internal dimensions
  • Width - 11" *These are internal dimensions
  • Depth - 6" *These are internal dimensions
  • Weight - 12lbs 

Series 3 - 

  • Length - Adjustable from 42" to 72"  *These are internal dimensions
  • Width - 14.5"  *These are internal dimensions
  • Depth - 7 7/8"  *These are internal dimensions
  • Weight - 14lbs