Sporasub Mystic Seagreen Silicone Mask

Regular price $70.00

  • Seagreen 3D Camo
  • Polycarbonate mask frame and liquid silicone skirt
  • Extremely low volume

The mask is made with just two components - the polycarbonate mask frame and the skirt made of liquid silicone, which mechanically holds the lenses without the use of lens rings This design limits encumbrances and reduces the inner volume of the mask. Without lens rings the visual field around the external perimeter of the lens is greatly increased. Side buckles are made in acetylic resin in order to increase traction and flexion strain. They are tightly connected to the mask body making it free to adapt to the shape of your face. Both the mask frame and the skirt have a non-reflecting satin finish. Weight - 145g Internal Volume - 130cmq