Ocean Hunter 3 ATM Float

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The Ocean Hunter 3 atmosphere float can be pumped up to a higher PSI than any other float on the market. This float inflates to the incredible 44lb PSI rating which is MUCH HIGHER than the 29lb rating on any Gannet float. The Neptonics crew recently went down to the Coral Sea and tested these floats out. Six Sea Hunter Floats...10 days in the sun, hundreds of feet deep, dogtooth tuna, yellowfin tuna, wahoo, and marlin. Bullet Proof!!  You can't get a higher PSI rating or a more trusted float.

  • Inflates to 44 PSI for huge lift capacity. 

  • Streamlined design to minimize the effect of wind and water on the towing of the float

  • Internal bladder of 400-denier cordura

  • Reinforcing sleeve of 100-denier cordura with webbing ribs to support

  • Includes user manual, oral inflator, and air gauge

  • Outer sleeve of 1,200-denier cordura

  • Solas-approved reflective tape

  • Stainless 316 fittings