Kunai Adventure Proof Magnetic Knife

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The first time you will grab Kunai in your hand, you will understand everything of this knife and you’ll love it!

Very thin profile, very light and flat, does not need any additional handle to be managed easily and safely. 



After tons of test, we adopted a special stainless steel, able to be sharped as much as carbon-steel alloys but deeply resistant to oxidation and in addiction certified for food contact!


The special design of the handle, allows to fit the knife in the hollow of your hand very smoothly, giving back the perfect sensation of direction and control of the blade. 

The special anti-skid profile was designed to assure the best grip on the handle, also with thick gloves, avoiding to slip on the sharp blade.


Two edges are available, depending what you want to cut: smooth sharpen edge on a side and special serrated to the other one.  The serrated one starts near to the tip and have an efficiency of about 60% more than smooth blade. 

Knife ergonomic is important, but without a good sheath, the use will be very uncomfortable!  So we designed a sturdy and flat sheath in Cordura, with a magnetic retention.

Yes, the special watertight magnet will help you to put away the knife driving the blade directly and easily inside his sheath. 

No mechanical part to maintain, no complex gesture to take off and put away the knife: just grab and pull, just approach the blade and push. 

Two ways to fix it: on you belt or on your arm by elastic belt (sold as optional, not supplied).