Koah Euro Longstock Series Speargun (100cm-120cm)

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Koah offers Tung oil or Epoxy finishes. Please call our shop to hear what we have in stock.

The KOAH Euro Longstock is complete and outfitted to take down anything in its reach. Slim, sleek, and weight ballasted this speargun is sure to set the bar in performance. Equipped with 9/32  poured enclosed track, two 5/8 bands, reverse trigger mechanism for an additional two inches of band stretch and an aggressive rake (angle)  handle to even out the weight of having the entire stock in front of you. The muzzle and side channels were designed to pull the inner band close to the shaft, down the length of the speargun to create lateral band pull which greatly reduces recoil. Guns are measured from front of Trigger mechanism to tip of muzzle. Total stock (from gun butt to tip of muzzle) is as follows... 90cm has 44" stock, 100cm has 48" stock,  110cm has 52" stock, 120cm has 56" stock, 130cm has 60" stock and 140cm has 64" stock.